Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Riverside Accepts Ingenuity Grant from 3M

3M Plant Manager, D.J. Fishbaugh presented checks to Math and Science Teachers at Riverside Intermediate School. The grant recognizes and supports teachers who make math and science come to life. 3M targets STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math eduction). These areas of education represent the background of most 3M employees. More importantly, these disciplines open the doors to ALL types of career opportunities and help individual understand the world around them.

Ingenuity Grants will be presented to teachers in 36 3M communities across the country. Teachers from 21 states participated in the Ingenuity Grant program. 119 grants were awarded to 52 schools, totaling over $350,000. These grants will serve over 32,000 students.

Along with 3m Plant Manager D.J. Fishbaugh, and HR rep Amber Moulton for 3M in Plymouth are Riverside teachers:
From Left to right Kim Burns, Vanessa Zook, Tara Sharp, Crystal Dennie, Jim Keister, Nikki Rumpler, Terri Dennie, Amy Lewis, Jeff Hunter, Shelley Shafer, Eric Knebel, Stephanie Beiswenger, Tillie Kain, and Sue Turpin

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james moylan said...

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