Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Construction Update

Contrary to rumors in the community, construction is moving at a pace that will enable us to open school as scheduled.

At Washington Elementary, 80% of the drywall is up. Many of those walls have been mudded, painted, and covered with vinyl. The rough-in plumbing is completed. Ceiling grids are scheduled to be installed next week with case work and carpeting to follow. Tile is being installed in the cafeteria as of this writing. Plumbing and electrical hook-ups in the kitchen area will be completed this week. The clean-up and sanitizing of the kitchen area will follow shortly thereafter. The project is expected to be ready for the opening of school.

At Lincoln Junior High, the music and choir room are 95% completed. We are awaiting the delivery of lockers for the locker room. The kitchen hook-ups will be completed this week. The rough-in plumbing in the nurses office has been completed. The construction of the new walls in that area has begun. Sanitation and clean-up of all areas will be completed by the end of next week. The installation of the tile in the cafeteria area will be completed today. All areas are scheduled to be completed for the opening of school.

At Webster Elementary, the Fritz tile is being installed this week. Final clean-up begins next week. The addition is scheduled to be ready for opening day.

At Plymouth High School, the outside work on the music wing is nearing completion. All rooms have had the block filler applied. Two of the rooms have received a final coat of paint. Installation of ceiling grid began today. Casework stored in the hallways will be moved to the music rooms next week. The rooms will not be available on opening day; they will become available one at a time with the total wing available no later than October 1st. Mr. Tobias had anticipated this problem and has worked on an alternative room schedule. During the next week, sidewalks around the music wing will be installed. Part of the north parking lot will be undergoing asphalt repairs and sealing next week.

At Menominee Elementary, carpet in the new music room and vinyl floor covering in the science lab will be installed next week. Lockers are to be delivered August 8th. The wall coverings are to be installed next week. All inside work at Menominee is scheduled to be completed prior to the beginning of school. The addition to the parking lot will take place after the beginning of the school year.

At Jefferson Elementary, the floor covering in the current Kindergarten and first grade rooms will be installed next week. Mrs. Holloway’s first grade room will have no windows during the coming year, the old windows were blocked in and became part of the wall for the new addition. When the project is completed, there will be new windows in the west wall of the room. The relocation of utilities has been completed. The building pad is in place. The installation of footers and foundation walls will begin next week.

At the new elementary school, all the exterior footers and foundation walls have been completed in Section A. The masons are building the exterior walls. They have started in the northeast corner and will work toward the southwest. The installation of the water line has begun.

The northeast parking lot at Plymouth High School will be unavailable due to construction the week of August 1st.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Free Breakfast and Lunch

The United States Department of Agriculture along with the Indiana Department of Education provides free breakfast and lunch for schools who qualify. Plymouth qualified this year for the program and has taken advantage of the offering for our children.

After the first five days we have averaged feeding 70 children for breakfast and 125 children for lunch.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Construction Update

A construction meeting was held on June 30, 2005 @ 9:00 a.m.

The focus of this meeting was Phase I.

Lincoln Junior High
The kitchen equipment has been set up. The process of hooking up the equipment has begun. The ceiling tile has been installed in the music and choir rooms. The wall and floor tile has been installed in the new locker room. The demolition has been completed at that site. The process of hanging new doors has begun. All the roofs have been installed. The music and choir room case work has been delivered and the binder coat is in place in the parking lot.

During the next two weeks the installation of the kitchen equipment will be completed. The ceiling tile will be installed in the kitchen area. The underground plumbing rough-ins will be completed in the new nurse’s office and teacher work room. The floor coverings in the music and choir area will be installed. The casework will be installed in the music and choir areas. The final coat of asphalt will be applied in the parking lot. The acoustic wall panels will be installed in the music area.

Washington Elementary
During the past two weeks the curbs and sidewalks have been installed. The canopy steel has been erected. The aluminum frames for doors have been installed and exterior doors are now in place. The vinyl wall covering in the cafeteria is installed. The kitchen equipment has been delivered and is set in place. The new quarter walls are up in the renovation area. The masonry piers on each side of the new stage opening have been completed. The fire alarm is 90% completed. The plumbing underground in the renovation area has been started.

During the next two weeks the paving will be completed with the stoning of the driveway on June 30. The masons will complete work on the canopy. All of the kitchen equipment will be installed and plumbed. The casework in the new computer and music rooms will be installed. Vinyl wall coverings in the computer lab will be applied. Ceiling grid will be put in place in the north addition. A steel beam will be set in the stage opening in the gym. All doors in the north addition will be hung. The underground plumbing rough-in will be completed and all new walls in the renovated area will be dry walled.

Webster Elementary
During the last two weeks the shingling of the roof has been completed. The quarry tile in the restrooms is installed and the insulation is currently being installed.

During the next two weeks the final coat of asphalt will be put in place. The casework will be set in both classrooms. The ceiling grid will be put in place. Carpet and other floor coverings will be installed. The doors will be hung. The toilets, fixtures, and partitions will be set. All hookups to the boiler will be completed and the ceiling tile will be put in place.

Plymouth High School
During the past two weeks the roof over the music wing is now completed. The brick washing and caulking in the music wing has been completed. The east and west walls of the multipurpose room has been completed. The south multi-purpose room wall is started. The joists and decking has been set over the hallway and the weight room in the multipurpose room wing. Interior demolition at the high school is underway. The power at the high school is currently shut down and should be restarted Friday afternoon, July 1st. All casework for the music wing is on site.

During the next two weeks the metal siding on the music wing will be installed. Windows in the music room will be put in place. Painting of the music wing rooms will be completed. The roof over the mezzanine area will be installed. The air handling units in the music wing will be rolled onto the pad. The south multipurpose room wall will be completed. The steel over the mezzanine in the multipurpose room will be installed. The entrance to the music wing will be completed.

Site improvements: The installation of curbs and sidewalks will begin.

Internet and email services should resume either July 6 or 7, 2005, for the district.

The next construction meeting will be July 7, 2005.