Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Transporation Information

The transportation department of the Plymouth Community School Corporation is excited to share that bus information will be available at the One Stop Registration on August 3, 2010 and August 4, 2010 at Plymouth High School. Each school will have a “STUDENT ROSTER” SHEET with the student’s name, address, phone number with bus number and pick up/drop off times. If no bus number is listed - that student falls within the walking boundary to school.

There are no changes in bus routes and/or bus numbers for this year.

An ALTERNATE BUS PICK UP/DROP OFF form will need to be filled out at time of registration and updated with the transportation department by August 13, 2010. If this changes throughout the year you will need to file a new alternative form.

“Transportation” information is available on the Plymouth Community School website. This website will allow you to type in your address and the “bus stop” with the bus number and an approximate time will be shown. Also listed on the website are the “shuttle buses” that go to each of the schools, the Boys and Girls Club, along with the Webster After School program.

The website is:

· Click on “Transportation”
· Scroll to the bottom and click on Busing Information this will allow you to type in an address for Bus Information (transfer and shuttle bus information is listed also)


Plymouth Community Schools will hold student registration as follows:


ALL SCHOOLS @ Plymouth High School

August 3, 2010 - 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

August 4, 2010 - 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Please park in the north lot of Plymouth High School

Enter through Door 5

Use to access all the school websites including the corporation site.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PHS Freshman Welcome Day 2010

This is the third year that Plymouth High School will be offering the “Freshmen Welcome Day” as a freshman transition experience. With the support of our administration, we are offering this opportunity for all incoming freshmen. We believe that it is unquestioned that any freshman participant will have a head start as they enter Plymouth High School. Our research indicates that participants in these types of programs have earned higher grade point averages, been more likely to be involved in extra curricular opportunities, and have had fewer disciplinary situations than those who have not participated. There is no doubt that the experience will be informative and fun. I urge all incoming freshmen to attend our “Freshmen Welcome Day.”

Freshmen Welcome Day 2010

What is it?
Freshmen Welcome Day 2010 is the first step in your orientation to Plymouth High School. It is a one-day orientation day for incoming ninth graders that is led by a staff of Plymouth High School students, teachers and counselors.

What will be accomplished?
You will receive your schedule and have a chance to find your classes
You will receive your locker assignment and have a chance to visit and open your new locker
You will learn how to get around the Plymouth High School building
You will be oriented about important issues by upper class students
You will meet and hear from several teachers and administrators
You will be made aware of the many activities available at Plymouth High School
You will make new friends have fun
Lunch will be provided by our cafeteria staff

When and where is it?
Plymouth High School (enter through the front doors at the circle drive)
There is NO cost.....

Thursday, July 29th
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (registration begins at 8:45)

Questions? Call the PHS Guidance Office, 936-2178 ext. 7260.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camp Invention

Monte Peden and Forrest Baumgartner explore Life on a New Planet as part of Camp Invention which is occurring at Riverside Intermediate School. Over 150 students are participating in Camp Invention.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Core Value #3 High Expectations - Plymouth offers Camp Invention this Summer

Camp Invention, the premier program of Invent Now Kids, is celebrating 20 years of bringing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning to children across the nation. Showing continual growth each year, the program reached more than 65,000 children in 2009 alone.

“For more than 20 years our program has been emphasizing the importance of imagination, creation, and innovation by fostering a healthy scientific curiosity in children that helps them understand that science is everywhere,” says Michael J. Oister, President of Invent Now Kids. “We have been proud to provide motivation to learn, create, and excel – particularly in the critical STEM areas, and look forward to 20 more years of offering these unique educational opportunities,” he says.

With an administration focused on conservation, clean energy, and healthcare, STEM initiatives have become crucial on the national stage. President Obama has launched several nationwide programs to help motivate and encourage students in the STEM areas. "The key to meeting these challenges – to improving our health and well-being, to harnessing clean energy, to protecting our security, and succeeding in the global economy – will be reaffirming and strengthening America’s role as the world’s engine of scientific discovery and technological innovation," says President Obama. "The hard truth is that for decades we’ve been losing ground. One assessment shows American 15-year-olds now rank 21st in science and 25th in math when compared to their peers around the world."

Invent Now Kids curriculum writers and staff members are gearing up for another summer of meeting the nation’s education challenges in STEM areas head on. The Camp Invention program is no ordinary summer camp; it is a program that gives children nationwide the opportunity to learn more about math and science in a fun and supportive environment. Children are immersed in a week long experience, where the fun of imaginative play leads them through inquiry-based activities in STEM areas, as well as in history and the arts.

Renowned for the opportunity it extends to elementary-aged children to explore the unknown, tinker with ideas, and satisfy an innate sense of curiosity, the Camp Invention program has provided a safe, creative outlet for them to experience extended summer learning taught by familiar local educators for more than two decades. Each day, children rotate through five integrated modules that employ creative thinking to solve real-world challenges. Working together, they learn vital 21st century life skills such as problem solving and teamwork through hands-on activities designed to be informative and fun. Since its inception in 1990, Camp Invention, the premier program of the nonprofit Invent Now Kids, has grown to include nearly 1,500 sites in 49 states.

To learn more about the Camp Invention program, which will be offered at Riverside Intermediate School the week of July 19-23, or to learn how to secure your child’s spot in the program, visit or call 800.968.4332.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Oliver Ford Lincoln Mercury's Drive One 4UR School Event - Results

The recent Drive One 4UR School fundraiser sponsored by Oliver Ford Lincoln Mercury and Ford Motor Co. raised $6000 for Plymouth High School Athletic Boosters Club. Ford donated $20 for each person who drove one of the vehicles in its current lineup. Over 300 members of the community participated in the unique event held May 1st in the PHS parking lot.

“We were thrilled with the turnout from the community and glad we could give the donation,” said Jennifer Houin, Vice President at Oliver Ford. “Our sports program faces financial challenges just like every school does these days, and we know this money will be put to good use. And we just got word that we’ve been selected to have a second event to raise more money for the school. It will be Saturday August 7th at Plymouth High School and this time we’re raising funds for the Music Boosters. We’re looking forward to working with Bryan Ames and all the supporters at PHS.”

“Drive One 4 UR School is an excellent program and I am so glad Oliver Ford was able to help our community and school system, “ said Roy Benge, Athletic Director at Plymouth High School. “We thank Ford Motor Company tremendously for giving schools across the country such a great opportunity.”

This is the second year the dealership has brought the promotion to Plymouth The opportunity was made possible because Oliver Ford Lincoln Mercury has --- for the 10th time --- earned Ford Motor Company’s President’s Award for Customer Satisfaction. Established in 1955, the dealership is in its third generation of family ownership.