Thursday, May 25, 2006

Class Happenings

Tara Sharp has developed a new blog for her classes at Riverside. Double-click Class Happenings to the right to access the blog.

Blog Bits

Student Awards
It was a pleasure for both of us to attend the high school student award program last Monday and see the large number of students who have received both monetary and recognition awards. Congratulations to all of those award winners and a special thank you to all the patrons and community organizations that contribute to the various scholarship funds in our community. We are blessed.

Construction Update
At Jefferson Elementary the site work has been completed. The base asphalt coat has been installed on the playground. The cement workers have been notified to mobilize and install sidewalks and stoops. The exterior wall panels are now in production. The aluminum entry systems are in fabrication. The classroom vinyl tile and carpet has been installed. The hallway carpets will be installed upon completion of the parking lot. Construction Control and the architect have created the first punch list and distributed it to contractors. Final clean-up at the Jefferson site is projected for June 5th.

At the new Menominee, contractors are mobilized to begin site work on the floor for the mechanical enclosure throughout the building has been poured. The cement on the gym floor is being ground in preparation for the installation of wood flooring. The media center stoop is in place. The vestibule at the main entry to the building will be poured after the installation of the roofing material. The masons have completed the work in the special needs area. The window openings have been in-filled. The sealing of the brick is underway. The new sign base along Discovery Lane has been completed. The stairs to the mezzanine in section B will be installed this week. The doors and hardware are on site for future installation. The basketball backstops have been installed in the gym and the trim for the second floor display boards is being installed. The installation of the metal wall panels above and below the windows has begun. The ceramic tile has been completed in the kitchen area, the restroom area off the commons, and the restroom on the second floor of the instructional wing. Contractors are now installing tile in the first floor restroom.

The carpet and vinyl floor covering for the building is in transport and the installation will start shortly, in the Kindergarten rooms. The installation of carpeting in the hallways will be held until all sidewalks coming into the building have been completed. The sound panels above the stage have been installed. The wood floor installation in the gymnasium is scheduled for the month of June. The walk-in cooler/freezer installation is near complete. Kitchen equipment has arrived and has been installed.

The next delivery of casework will be in June for the special needs area. The delivery of the casework for the instructional area is scheduled for July. The temp specs heating and air conditioning room units have been installed in Unit A. The units have been set in Unit B. The installation of the air handling units in the mezzanine area in Section B will take place next week. The cable tray system in the building has been completely installed. The light fixtures are 90% installed in Unit A. The wire has been pulled in the second floor of the instructional wing and installation of light fixtures will follow. The installation of ceiling grid which is currently taking place on the second floor.

A tour for the Menominee staff will be held at 3:15 on Friday afternoon. Other staff members are welcome to attend.

Head custodians and building principals are reviewing punch list items at Webster, Washington, Lincoln, and Plymouth High School. That review will be forwarded to Construction Control.

At Plymouth High School the installation of the equipment in the TV studio is underway. Projected finish date is early June. The demolition of the bleachers in the main gym will begin next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Work on the rehabilitation of the soccerplex is scheduled to begin in late June or early July. Seeding will take place during the first two weeks of August. During this season, home games will be played either on the practice field or at Lincoln Junior High.

Thank You
All members of our staff have worked extremely hard this year to provide quality services to our students. Each building re-wrote its School Improvement Plan for the next three-year period and has prepared for a site visit from the North Central Association people next fall. The elementary staff has sequenced the topics to be taught in Language Arts and mathematics and has piloted benchmark tests to track the growth of our students. A reading initiative has been implemented for the second year at the elementary level. A reading initiative is also underway in the junior high and the high school. In addition to all of this work, staff members have been planning for the moves between and among the buildings. Many staff members have spent countless hours before and after school in preparation and in service to our students. We express our appreciation to all staff members for their efforts during the past year and hope that they have a relaxing and refreshing summer.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Blog Bits

Teacher Appreciation Week
The week of May 8 is Teacher Appreciation Week. If you have an opportunity, please let a current teacher of your children or one of your former teachers know how much you appreciate what they have done for you or for your children.

Tomorrow evening, the corporation will be holding its annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. at Washington Elementary. At 4:45, students under the direction of Mary Pat Glaub will provide entertainment. Awards will be presented to retirees after the entertainment.

JESSE ABCD Awards – April 27th
JESSE held it’s Above and Beyond the Call of Duty banquet at Christo’s Banquet Center. Persons from each school district were honored for their efforts with the children of the co-op. Plymouth’s honoree this year was Meg Schnieders from Webster Elementary. Meg was nominated by Donna Burroughs. Congratulations and thanks to Meg for all the work that she has provided to the students at Webster.

Construction Update
Site work is being completed at Jefferson. At the new Menominee, the cabinetry and lighting has been completed in all of the Kindergarten rooms and art room. Ceramic tile has been installed in the kitchen area and the restrooms in the commons area. Block fill has been completed in the upper floor of the instructional wing. Some of the rooms in the office area have been wallpapered. Non supporting walls are being constructed in the Special Education suite. The oak framework for the tag boards in the Kindergarten rooms and commons area have been installed. The next construction meeting is Thursday, May 12th.